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Fully Automatic Reclaiming Tower
Will degrease, develop, remove emulsion and ghosts from any large screen, using 95% less labor and your wash out booth.
  • Capable of Cleaning Any Screen:
    Towers available for any length or height screen
  • Fully Automatic Operation:
    No labor intensive operator required
  • No Expensive Cabinetry:
    The first affordable fully automatic reclaimer
  • Adjustable Pump Pressure
    1 & 3-phase pumps available with spraying pressures from 100-2000 PSI

    The Screenpro Power Tower:

    The first Fully Automatic Reclaiming Machine designed to degrease , develop, remove emulsion and ghosts from very large screens using 95% less labor. The Power Tower does not have a cabinet; it utilizes your existing wash out booth. The self con-
    tained Power Tower travels on a set of aluminum tracks in your wash out booth.

    Screenpro's approach to reclaiming large screens was simple. Take the guts out of their enclosed Fully Automatic Reclaimer and build them into a motorized tower that could travel across any existing wash out booth. This process has produced a very affordable reclaiming machine for customers using very large screens. The Power Tower uses low pressure to degrease and develop screens, and high pressure spray to remove emulsion and ghost images.

    How does it work?

    The Power Tower has a computerized control panel controlling a number of multi-directional motors, a quantity of electronic sensors and one high pressure pump (both single and 3-phase pumps are available). The control panel also advances the Power Tower down the track each time the spray nozzle has completed a pass. When the Power Tower has reached the end of the screen, it will return automatically.

    Easy To Operate

    The operator simply places the screen in the existing wash out booth, and then sprays the screen with Screenpro Reclaiming Solution. Next the operator presses the start button on the Power Tower , and the rest of the reclaiming operation is fully automatic. The operator is then free to card ink out of other screens or prepare the next screen for reclaiming. After the reclaiming cycle is completed the operator can apply a ghost remover and start the high pressure spraying cycle again.

    Complete Operator Control

    The computerized control panel is equipped with a second control sytem, a joystick that manually controls the position of the high pressure spray nozzle. If the operator experiences any difficult areas during reclaiming or ghost removing, he can manually direct the spray nozzle to the desired area for additional cleaning.

    Pays For Itself!

    You're already paying someone to reclaim screens! One employee at $5.00/hour costs $15,000/year. the labor saved within the first year will pay for the Power Tower. Consider the labor savings over a number of years.

    Environmentally Safe

    Screenpro Reclaiming Solution is non-toxic, non-flammable, water soluble and bio-degradable.

    Screenpro's Guarantee:

    Automatic Screen Reclaimers are COMPLETELY guaranteed for one (1) year. A leasing program is available.

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