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The Facts in a Nutshell:

 Who understands the problems of screen printers better than another screen printer! Screenpro is a division of Delphi Designs, a fully automated production screen printing business established in 1970. In 1980, we started developing and testing a fast, safe and effective power screen cleaning machine for our own shop. To date we have sold over 900 screen washers worldwide.


  1) Screenpro INVENTED the first Screen Washer!
  2) Screenpro ONLY manufactures Screen Washers!
  3) Screenpro has over 33 YEARS of Screen Washer R&D!
  4) Screenpro has over 1000 SATISFIED customer!
  5) Screenpro has the only "LIFETIME WARRANTY"!
  6) Screenpro Screen Washers NEVER need draining!
  7) Screenpro also has FULLY-AUTO-RECLAIMERS!


Why not get the equipment you're already paying for?

Screen cleaning costs time and materials and eats into profits. One employee at $7.50 per-hour adds up to $17,500 yearly, without including the cost of solvent and rags. Screenpro screen washers will shrink 8 hours of cleaning to one hour per day.

Screenpro Screen Washers operate just like a dish washer.

The screen is inserted in the rear spraying compartment and the machine turned on. One minute later the timer will turn off the machine so the screen can be transferred to the front drain compartment. To continue, you insert another screen in the rear compartment and repeat the same steps. The two compartments allow one screen to drain, while the other is washed.

Screenpro manufactures Electric and Air Powered Screen Washers in sizes from 28" x 36" to 80" x 180".

All models are designed to operate on Screenpro Safety Solvent, which is non-toxic, non-flammable, water-soluble and biodegradable. With our Power Converter Unit (for increased pressure), you can use your present cleaning solvent to achieve the same results as long as it has a high flash point.

Construction Details:

Screenpro Screen Washers are constructed of 16 gauge, stainless steel and fitted with Baldor explosion proof motors and heavy duty pumps. A wall of cone shaped spray nozzles produce 35 PSI with mineral spirits, 55 PSI with Screenpro Safety Solvents and 80 PSI with mineral spirits (with the addition of the Power Converter Unit).

Standard equipment on all Screenpro Screen Washers:

  • Stainless Steel Filter Housing
  • Power Drain
  • Anti-Sludge Floor
  • Drain Compartment
  • Full Flow Solvent Brush
  • Solvent Saver Design
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Explosion Proof switch and timer
  • Two Sided Spraying Manifold (OPTIONAL)
Screenpro's New Anti-Sludge Floor Design eliminates sludge! 
This floor design forces the solvent and ink to travel down hill directly into the mouth of the pump. There they are vacuumed up and sent to the filter where all the ink is removed, therefore eliminating the formation of sludge in the bottom of the Screen washer.
No draining of solvent required. 

Our Solvent Saver Floor reduces solvent requirements by 50%. This is true because of the reduced solvent capacity and the fact that a small amount of solvent remains on each drained screen (drag-out) in the cleaning process. The more screens you clean the more solvent you consume to the point of running out. Therefore there is never a need to drain the Screen Washer. You just refill it when you run out.

Our new filter, which is the most important part of our machine, housing is ten times larger than previous models.

We developed the new larger housing after talking with many of our 900 customers. Everyone wanted the filter to run longer between cleaning.

Our NEW 5 micron polypropylene filter bags filter out solid particles thirty five times smaller than a speck of dust. When the mesh of the bag becomes plugged with ink the machine stops cleaning. At this point you must remove the bag and wash it out in a sink or replace it.

All Screenpro Screen Washers are fully guaranteed for life!
Screenpro will custom design and build a Screen Washer to your specifications. A leasing program is available upon request.


Is the high cost of screen cleaning reducing your profit margin? Are you tired of training NEW screen cleaners? Do you worry about them showing up for work every day? If your answer was YES to these questions, this video is for you.

Is the high cost of screen cleaning reducing your profit margin? Are you tired of training NEW screen cleaners? Do you worry about them showing up for work every day? If your answer was YES to these questions, this video is for you.


Now you can SEE how a Screenpro Screen Washer works! You'll get an in-depth, informative look at each of our four screen washers-and all of our handy accessories like the Screenpro Safety Solvents and the Screenpro Washout Sinks!

A Screenpro Screen Washer will eliminate the dirtiest job in your shop, while reducing your screen cost by 80%.

Screenpro Screen Washers will clean 60 screens per hour while constantly recirculating and filtering the solvent for maximum economy.


To get your copy of the Screenpro Screen washer VHS video, just call Screenpro at: (213)747-7799. There's no purchase necessary, so give us a call and let Screenpro reduce your screen cleaning costs 80% by streamlining your screen cleaning department.