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electric infrared ceramic generator, 50" wide cotton 3 ply belt, 25' long conveyor, 12' heat tunnel. adjustable two zone heating, adjustable temperature control, heavy duty conveyor with special features (you can print one-color pocket prints right on the moving conveyor since the belt is supported by heavy metal plating), exhaust blower and exhaust system, lifetime guarantee on oven components by manufacturer. Guaranteed 1 year, parts and labor.

Used Printing Press
- Richardson 6 color semi-automatic air-driven carousel T-shirt printing press with five sets of pallets (adult, children, jumbo, long-sleeve and sweat pant).  A very versatile machine, 60 doz. per hour capacity.  Guaranteed 1 year, parts and labor.

Screenpro Wash Out Booth (not shown).  48" x 48" with back lighting.  All stainless steel construction. New.  Priced reduced.  

Free standing motorized Overhead Garment Rack (not shown).  If you hang your garments on hangers, this is indispensable.

Dennison high-speed Automatic Price Tag Machine (not shown) model - B with changeable copy and price.

42" round Chrome Clothing Racks (not shown) with glass tops (25) T-shirt & sweatshirt mannequins (10).

All used machines listed above are wired and will be demonstrated on request.  Each used machine will be sold with a full one year guarantee as if they were brand new. Owner financing and free training on any machine is available on request.  For prices and more information, please call Don at 213 747-7799.  

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